Welfare Rules Database

Maintained/created by: The Urban Institute
Website: http://anfdata.urban.org/wrd/WRDWelcome.cfm
Geographic unit of data: U.S. state

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Users can search this database to understand cash assistance programs that very by state.

The Welfare Rules Database is maintained by the Urban Institute, a social and economic policy research center. This database is a resource for researchers seeking to understand and describe cash assistance programs that vary by state. This database allows users to compare cash assistance programs between states, research changes in cash assistance rules by state, and obtain up-to-date information regarding cash assistance rules by state.

Database Capabilities
Users can search the database for welfare rules by state, year, and welfare rule category. The user guide on the database webpage is a useful resource for obtaining information about cash assistance programs. Users can query data using the online data tool or download tables in excel.

Data Notes
Caseworker manuals and state regulations were used to identify program rules and data from 1997 to present. AFDC State Plans and Waiver Terms and Conditions provide data for 1996. Data are available from 1996-2011 and are available on a state level.