Statistics and Indicators on Women and Men

Maintained/created by: United Nations Statistical Division
Geographic unit of data: international, U.S. country, U.S. region

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Users can view tables or download data on topics such as: families, health, education, life expectancy and work. Statistics and Indicators on Women and Men is part of the United Nations Statistical Division. Information is provided in the following categories: population, women and men in families, health, education, work, and political decision making.

Data Notes

Users can view tables of the indicators of interest and are able to download the data. Data can often be viewed by sex (gender) and/ or age. Data is available in Microsoft Excel format at the country and regional level, which are alphabetically listed for each indicator. The year and data sources are clearly identified. The site is also specific about when each table was last updated, but it does not specify when the next update will occur. The most recent data is available from 2012.