Social Indicators

Maintained/created by: United Nations Statistical Division
Geographic unit of data: international, U.S. National, U.S. region

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Users can view tables or download data on the country level on topics such as: childbearing, education, health, income, and population. Social Indicators is compiled by the United Nations Statistical Division and covers a wide range of information on children, women, population, development, and social development. Indicators are provided based on the following categories: childbearing, child and elderly populations, contraceptive use, education, health, housing, education, and work.

Data Notes

Users click on an indicator of interest to generate a data table that provides statistics on aspects of the indicator for all participating countries and regions. Users are able to download the data in excel spreadsheet format. Data can often be viewed by age and/or sex. Data is available for a number of countries and regions, which are listed alphabetically for each indicator. The years of the data are clearly identified, and the data sources are explicit for each table.