Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance

Maintained/created by: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Geographic unit of data: U.S. national, U.S. regional, U.S. state, U.S. county

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Users can view and download reports, figures and tables on sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and sexually transmitted infections (STI) in the United States.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance is an annual report done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) annually to track trends and statistics regarding sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the United States. Information includes background on STDs, special affected populations, and prevalence rates.

Data Notes

Users can download the entire reports in PDF format, view them online or order them. Figures and tables can also be viewed, emailed and printed directly from the website. PowerPoint slides and figures are also available for download or online viewing. Data is organized by race/ ethnicity, sex and age. STD surveillance began in 1993, and reports are available for every year. The most recent report is from 2011, and the site does not specify when the 2012 report will become available. Data is available at the national, regional, state and county levels.