Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity Legislation Database

Maintained/created by: UConn
Geographic unit of data: U.S. State, U.S. city/county, U.S. national

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Users can search for current food policy and obesity legislation filed by Congress, states, and select cities and counties. Topics include but are not limited to obesity prevention, physical activity, nutrition, food access, school nutrition, and weight bias. The Legislation database is maintained by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity which is a non-profit research and public policy organization devoted to improving the world’s diet, preventing obesity, and reducing weight stigma at Yale University. Legislation is presented by region and by topic. Topics include: obesity, weight bias, trans fats, sugar sweetened beverage taxes, physical activity, nutrition, menu labeling, food policy, food banks, food assistance, farm-to-school programs, breast feeding, built environment, eating disorders, BMI screening, and access to healthy food.

Data Notes

Users can search on the federal, state, select city, or select country level and by topic area. Users can search all legislation related to food policy and obesity, legislation that was passed, and legislation that failed. Users can also search for bills that have been updated within the past 24 hours or the past 7 days related to food policy and obesity. Data is available from the most recent legislative sessions. Data is updated on a regular basis. The database gives information about the name and number of the bill, the type of bill, a summary of the bill, the sponsor, and the status of the bill. You can also download the entire bill.