Maintained/created by: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Geographic unit of data: U.S. national

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Users can customize data to gather information on the health care use of people living with HIV.

HIVnet is an interactive data tool from the HIV Research Network at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It provides researchers, policy makers and public health practitioners with information regarding the health care use of people with HIV. HIVnet focuses on outpatient and inpatient care patterns in large HIV health practices.

Database Capabilities
Users begin their query by selecting the statistics of interest, which are grouped into the following categories: inpatient admissions; outpatient visits; inpatient costs; outpatient costs; total costs. Then users can determine how they want their data to be compared (by age, gender/sex, race/ethnicity, risk group, CD4 count, viral load count, antiretroviral therapy prescription). The resulting graph or chart can be saved or downloaded.

Data Notes
The data used for HIVnet cannot be used to be nationally representative as the sample was taken from specific health practices that cater to a large number of people with HIV. To protect the confidentiality of the participants, users are not able to gather information on geographical region. Whenever a chart is generated, the year of the data used is provided.