HIV/AIDS Statistics and Surveillance

Maintained/created by: HIV/AIDS Statistics and Surveillance
Geographic unit of data: U.S. State, U.S. National

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Users can access population data related to the screening, prevalence, and incidence of HIV and AIDS in the United States.

The HIV/AIDS Statistics and Surveillance data is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control. Annual reports, fact sheets, slide sets, and basic statistics are available in a variety of formats. Fact sheets are available for a variety of subgroups including but not limited to examining HIV prevalence among different races, ages, and sexual orientations. Slide sets looking at HIV and AIDS prevalence among different groups and different regions are also available. The HIV Surveillance Report is available on an annual basis.

Database Capabilities
Data is presented in report or fact sheet format and can be downloaded in PDF or HTML formats. Slide sets are available in PDF or PowerPoint format. Basic statistics and other information is avaible in HTML format.

Data Notes
The data sources are clearly referenced for each report, chart, and fact sheet. The most recent data is from 2009. Reports are published annually in the late summer or early fall