Maintained/created by: International Agency for Research on Cancer
Geographic unit of data: International

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Users can access data about cancer incidence and mortality for all the countries of the world as of 2008. GloboCan is a project of the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization (WHO). GloboCan presents estimates of the burden of cancer in 184 countries or territories around the world.

Data Notes

GloboCan provides access to the most recent estimates (from 2008) of the incidence and mortality of 27 major cancers. Users can create fact sheets or do online analysis to create tables, graphs, maps, and predictions. Users can choose to create tables by population or by cancer type. Covariates for analysis include age group, sex, and continent. Users are able to choose between mortality and incidence statistics. Users can choose to create age specific cancer curves, bar charts, maps, and pie charts. The prediction option allows the user to estimate the future burden of a selected cancer in selected population for a selected year.

Data sources and methods are clearly outlined on the “Data Sources and Methods” section of the website. Users are able to download their online analysis in PDF or html format. GloboCan uses the definitions outlined in the United Nations, World Population Prospects, 2008 revision (except Cyprus located in Southern Europe and Taiwan is located in Eastern Asia).