Global Health Facts

Maintained/created by: Kaiser Family Foundation
Geographic unit of data: International, U.S. national

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Users can customize how data on a number of health indicators are presented, and the resulting tables, charts, and maps can be downloaded. Entire datasets are also available to download. Global Health Facts is a Kaiser Family Foundation website that provides global health data on the following topics: HIV/ AIDS; TB; Malaria; Other conditions, diseases and risk indicators; Programs, funding and financing; Health workforce and capacity; Demography and population; Income and the Economy.

Data Notes

Raw data (by topic) can be downloaded or users can create customized reports, charts, graphs or tables to compare 2 or more countries on different health indicators. Specific profiles for just one country or for one health topic can also be generated. Users can view data as a table, chart or map. Rankings of countries are also available. Data sources include UNAIDS, WHO, and the CIA and links to the specific source is provided. Annual data is updated as it comes available. The most recent data is from 2009 (However this varies by exposure), and the site does not specify when new data becomes available.