Gender Info

Maintained/created by: United Nations Statistics Division
Geographic unit of data: U. S. National, International

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Users can access data related to international gender issues including but not limited to data on population, families, health, education, work, and political participation. Gender Info 2007 is maintained by the United Nations Statistic Division in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Gender Info has been adapted by DevInfo technology and presents up to date country level data.

Data Notes

Users have several options for retrieving data from Gender Info. Users can search by indicator or by area. Users are able to use the search bar to search or scroll through the listed indicators/areas and check those that apply. Once finished, users are able to view the data in map, table, or graph formats. Users are able to manipulate graphs into bar graphs, column graphs, pie charts, and line graphs. Users must then save their files to the diGalleray where they can be downloaded. There is a Help Box available in the right hand corner for assistance. Alternatively users can directly access the diGallery which contains premade graphs and charts that are available for download. For every data query a year and resource reference is provided. There is no indication on the site when the data will be updated.