ENACT Local policy database

Maintained/created by: Strategic Alliance
Website: http://eatbettermovemore.org/sa/policies/about.php
Geographic unit of data: U.S. state, U.S. County, U.S. City, U.S. National

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Users can search for local nutrition policy and physical activity legislation. Topics include but are not limited to nutrition, physical activity, fresh food, land use, walk ability, and exercise. The ENACT policy database is funded by the California Endowment and maintained by the Prevention Institute and the Strategic Alliance. The Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments was formed in 2001 to serve as a hub for cutting-edge policies aimed at improving eating and activity opportunities for all Californians. ENACT recognizes that local policy has been a pivotal catalyst in addressing public health challenges as diverse as violence prevention and tobacco control. Local policies contribute to meaningful environmental change that spread to different jurisdictions and build support for state and federal policies that influence behavioral norms. The Local Policy Database will catalog promising policies in nutrition and activity to: 1. Provide local policy makers, health advocates and the media with concrete examples of what’s being tried / adopted in other locales, 2. Demonstrate the range of physical activity / nutrition-related policies that are emerging, 3. Highlight promising policy activities that are occurring at the local level, and 4. Facilitate networking among local policymakers and advocates around successes and challenges.

Data Notes

Users are able to search the database using two options a simple search and a guided search. The simple search should be used if you have some ideas about the kinds of policies you are looking for. This is basically a keyword search that allows you to either search through actual policy documents or through our entire database. Users should start with the Guided Search if you have one or more criteria you would like to use to narrow your search from the outset. When using the guided search users are able to search by keyword, topic, environment, state, jurisdiction and year. Data is available from 1978-2011. Data seems to be updated on a frequent basis , but there is no indication as to how often.