Demographic Yearbook

Maintained/created by: United Nations Statistics Division
Geographic unit of data: U.S. National, World

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Users can access data related to wide range of health and demographic statistics which are collected and complied by the United Nations. The Demographic Yearbook is created by the United Nations Statistics Division. Users can access demographic data from a variety of countries related, but not limited to population data, birth rate, death rate, population density, age distribution in a population, gender distribution in a population, life expectancy at birth, fertility rate, abortion rates, divorce rates, and urban/rural residence. Users can access the Demographic Yearbook or the Population and Vital Statistics Report.

Data Notes

Data is organized by year, country, and region. Data has been collected since 1948, however the amount of data varies across years. The Population and Vital Statistic Report comes out biannually in January and July of each year, with the most recent version from January 2011. The Population and Vital Statistics Report contains data from the latest census on population size and gender distribution. The Population and Vital Statistic Report is available for down load in PDF format. The Demographic Yearbook offers complete download in PDF format, but also allows users to download individual tables in PDF or excel formats.

The Population and Vital Statistics report is available from 2006-present. The Demographic Yearbook has data from 1948-2008. The sources and dates of data are clearly outlined on the website.