Center for Mental Health in Schools

Maintained/created by: UCLA School Mental Health Project
Geographic unit of data: U.S. state, U.S. national

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Users are able to search for data, article, and abstracts related to mental health in schools. The Mental Health in Schools Database is maintained by the National Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA. The center is a policy and program analysis center co-directed by Howard Adelman and Linda Taylor. The guiding principles and frameworks for the work of the center emphasize ensuring (1) mental health is understood in terms of psychosocial problems, (2) the roles of schools, communities, and homes are enhanced and pursued jointly, (3) equity considerations are confronted, (4) the marginalization and fragmentation of policy, organizations, and daily practice are countered, and (5) the challenges of evidence-based strategies and achieving results are addressed.

Data Notes

You can search the center resources by keywords, specific topic, document, title, and organization. To achieve the best results, users can click on “Keyword Look-Up”. This will provide a list of appropriate words by area or alphabetical listing. This list is updated weekly. Users are given a combination of data, fast facts, published abstracts and articles related to the topic. Users can also find information from the Quick Find Online Clearing house drop down list. Users are able to access articles, training aids, videos, and statistics. Users are also able to search resources and publications by format type. Resources available on the website are updated on a weekly basis. The origins of the data are clearly marked. Most resources are available in pdf/html format.