Cancer Mortality Database

Maintained/created by: International Agency for Research on Cancer
Geographic unit of data: U.S. national, International

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Users can access data related to cancer statistics from around the world. The majority of the data is focused on cancer mortality.

The cancer mortality database was created and is maintained by the Section of Cancer Information at International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). It contains selected cancer mortality statistics by country, extracted from the World Health Organization (WHO) database. The original data have been converted and/or recoded to a common system before presentation.

Database Capabilities
Users are able to look data availability by country or region, cancer site type, year, coverage, and completeness. Users are also able to create tables, graphs, and predictions based on country or region, cancer site type, and year. Graphs are available in line charts, bar charts, and population pyramids. The graph function has specific features to alter the features of the graph.

Data Notes
Data is available from 1950-2009. Users can check data collection coverage and completeness for each country/region. Graphs and tables are shown in html form. The site does not indicate when it will next be updated.