Maintained/created by: Section of Cancer Information
Geographic unit of data: U.S. National, International

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Users can access data about cancer statistics, specifically incidence and mortality worldwide for the 27 major types of cancer. Cancer Mondial is maintained by the Section of Cancer Information (CIN) of International Agency for Research on Cancer by the World Health Organization. Users can access CIN databases including GLOBOCAN, CI5(Cancer Incidence in Five Continents), WHO, ACCIS(Automated Childhood Cancer Information System), ECO (European Cancer Observatory), NORDCAN and Survcan.

Data Notes

Users can access a variety of databases. CIN Databases: GLOBOCAN provides access to the most recent estimates (for 2008) of the incidence of 27 major cancers and mortality from 27 major cancers worldwide. CI5 (Cancer Incidence in Five Continents) provides access to detailed information on the incidence of cancer recorded by cancer registries (regional or national) worldwide. WHO presents long time series of selected cancer mortality recorded in selected countries of the world. Collaborative projects: ACCIS (Automated Childhood Cancer Information System) provides access to data on cancer incidence and survival of children collected by European cancer registries. ECO (European Cancer Observatory) provides access to the estimates (for 2008) of the incidence of, and mortality from 25 major cancers in the countries of the European Union (EU-27). NORDCAN presents up-to-date long time series of cancer incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival from 40 cancers recorded by the Nordic countries. SurvCan presents cancer survival data from cancer registries in low and middle income regions of the world. Data is available in different formats depending on which type of data is accessed. Some data is available in table, PDF, and html formats. Detailed information about the data is available.